About Green Mountain Swim Club

Board of Directors

The Green Mountain Swim Club is run by an all volunteer board of directors made up of current members.

The Board meets at 7:00 PM twice each month during the off-season and once per month at 7:00 pm at Green Mountain Swim Club during the season. Members are always welcome to attend. Please see the GMSC Calendar for current schedule and locations.

President: Julie Sharpe

Vice President: Angie Busse

Treasurer: Darcey Dobling

Secretary: Rebecca Smith

Events: Carrie Artman and Diane Brauch

Maintenance: Ben Brauch

Marketing and Web Administrator: Justinian Hatfield and Jon Miller

Membership: Eva Frickle and Juliana Flores

Snack Shack: Angie Busse

Staffing: Mari Shull

Swim Team: David Anderson


Board Minutes