Frequently Asked Questions

GMSC Summer 2022 – What you need to know


What are the pool hours?

Most days, the pool will be open to members from 11am-8pm. Please keep an eye on the Events calendar and Pool Hours for changes to this schedule. 

What is the procedure for checking in and checking out of the pool?

Please stop at the front desk when you arrive or depart the pool so that our staff can check you in and out. We have a new membership management system that will help us monitor usage patterns so that we can properly staff the pool throughout the season. Your support is appreciated!

Will capacity restrictions or masks be required this season?

We will continue to monitor the state and county restrictions and guidelines as it relates to COVID-19. The Board will send updates, as needed, related to this topic. We do not anticipate any restrictions or closures at this time. 

Related: All Members agreed to terms upon membership, including respecting the GMSC authority to assess Jeffco’s guidance in order to determine capacity, mask and other safety policies that are best for our community. And, of course, please do not come to the pool if you are experiencing COVID symptoms. Many of our members are children and our priority is to keep everyone safe.

Will there be swim lessons this year?

Yes, we will offer three, two-week sessions with classes taking place on M-W-F. June 6-17, June 20-July1, and July 11-22. You can register for swim lessons by  logging into our Member Dashboard.

Can I bring guests?

Yes! We encourage it! We ask you to use your best judgement with how many guests you bring each visit. For large gatherings, please inquire about setting up a party so that life guards will be properly staffed and everyone is safe. Thank you. 

Important information related to Guest Passes! 

Guest passes should be purchased in advance (or via your phone once you arrive at the pool). You can purchase guest passes by logging into our Member Dashboard. Guests will be required to sign a standard waiver. We will accept cash and cards onsite if you forget to purchase ahead of time. 

Can I reserve tables for an Event, such as a birthday party?

Yes! Complete an Event Request Form. Please reach out to Wendy Heywood at events4gmsc@gmail.com with questions.

I didn’t see any lightning. Why did the guards clear the pool?

Our guards are trained to monitor an application that confirms lightning sightings and its distance from the pool. When appropriate, the guards will clear the pool for 30 minutes. This is standard procedure. While it is disappointing to go to – or be at – the pool during a lightning watch, safety is our priority. Please respect our guards authority to make this decision and encourage your children to quickly clear the baby and main pools, when needed.  

Does the Snack Shack accept cash or credit cards?

For the 2022 season, we encourage you to purchase Snack Shack credit via your member account, making it easy to manage your balance and monitor spending throughout the season! The Snack Shack will still accept cash or credit cards for purchases.

Does GMSC offer time for Lap swimming?

Yes, we will keep a lane in place each morning from 11-12. Our staff can also add a lane at another time of day, upon request, if the pool is not too crowded. The latter will be the Lead guard’s discretion. 

Will there be a daily opportunity for Adult-only swimming

Generally, our lifeguards will blow the whistle at 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM each day in order to clear the pool for 15 minutes for “Adult Swim.” This encourages kids to hit the restrooms, reapply sunscreen, enjoy the swing set, snack shack treats, and other features at GMSC while adults get some quiet time in the pool. 

Can I use the grills? Do I need to bring my own grilling tools?

Please use the grills! Feel free to bring your own tools or use the GMSC tools for grilling. Please wipe down the tools and turn off the grill after use. 

Can I bring my own lawn chairs?

Yes, of course! Remember for 2022 season, we are asking for your help in making sure the new grass thrives. No chairs will be allowed on the new grass in 2022. If you prefer to sit on the lawn, please head up to the upper area and feel free to bring your own chairs. On busy days, this may be a great idea.

Can I bring adult beverages to the pool?

Yes, alcoholic beverages are permitted per GMSC rules. No glass bottles, drink in moderation, 21+, recycle and be responsible. GMSC Board and Staff reserve the right to refuse this option at any time.

Does the GMSC offer free WiFi?

Yes. Please ask the front desk attendants for the password.

Should I use swim diapers for my child in the pools?

Yes, we ask that diaper-aged children use commercial swim diapers when in the baby pool or large pool.

Why does the pool open late or close early on days of home swim meets or events?

Swim team meets for The Gators are scheduled throughout the summer at our pool and other area swim club pools, and are generally held on Saturday mornings from 6 am to 12 pm or evenings starting around 5:00 pm. The pool is closed to all other members whenever GMSC is hosting a swim meet (on average around 5 times per summer). Please refer to the Events calendar for specific dates when we open late or close early. Please note that the baby pool is closed during all swim meets as well.

What are the guidelines or general expectations related to picnic tables and chairs?

We want all of our members to enjoy the pool this summer! Please grab a picnic table if having lunch or dinner with your family. When done, allow someone else to do the same. The same approach goes for the deck chairs. Please don’t reserve more chairs than you need. (If your kids are like mine, they won’t sit down in them the whole time!) Finally, please do pick up after yourself when leaving the pool. Leave no trace applies to the pool, too.

Am I responsible to make sure my child doesn’t litter?

Many kids are having so much fun that they forget to grab their wrappers when leaving the swing set or volleyball court! Please encourage your children to be good citizens of the pool by picking up after themselves. 

What are the pool rules?

  • The Pool is for Members and authorized guests only. All guests must be accompanied by a member.  The number of guests may not exceed 4 people at one time (unless prior approval from management).
  • Any Member desiring a party/event MUST receive written approval of GMSC staff. Not following the policy may result in dismissal from the pool.  You may reserve an event space through GMSC by going to Events
  • Members may bring their own chairs, food, coolers, umbrellas, drinks and blankets.  Pool chairs are available on a first come first serve basis, please be considerate to other members and do not hold if not using. 
  • Children 5 & under must be accompanied at all times while in the water within arm’s length of a guardian. Children 6-11 years old should be actively supervised by a guardian. A guardian being at least the age of 16 years old. 
  • No glass containers or bottles.
  • No running on the pool deck. 
  • No foul language.
  • Food or drink is prohibited in the pool water.  
  • No Water Balloons allowed on premises. 
  • Pool toys/balls are permitted, but use must be respectful of other members, and may be restricted at guard discretion. Hard balls are not permitted in the pool. 
  • No smoking/no vaping.
  • No diving outside of diving well (unless specified for swim team purposes).
  • See Dive Well Rules for guidelines when using diving boards. 
  • Pool floats are allowed, however they must not impede other swimmers. Floats may be restricted at lifeguard discretion.

GMSC staff is authorized to remove any guests behaving in a manner that jeopardizes safety or directly impedes the enjoyment of the pool for other members. Not following lifeguard instruction is grounds for removal from the pool. 


My kids love the high and low diving boards! What are the guidelines for using them? 

The diving boards are beloved by adults and kids alike! For safety reasons, the guards enforce the following rules:

  • One person at a time allowed on a diving board.
  • Divers must wait until the previous person has cleared the diving area before proceeding. 
  • No jumping off the sides of the board.
  • No cartwheels, handstands, or hanging off the diving board. 
  • Divers must swim directly to the nearest ladder and leave the diving area immediately. 
  • Fully secured/buckled floatation devices are permitted on the low dive. However, NO flotation devices are allowed on high dive – Divers must be able to swim.
  • Divers cannot return down the ladder of the high dive. 
  • No “horseplay” or pool floats in the diving area.
  • No hanging on ropes.
  • No swimming or diving in the diving area unless boards are closed by pool staff.
  • Only one bounce on the board is allowed before diving. 
  • The Pool Manager or Lifeguards may restrict certain dives or behavior based on safety concerns. 
  • All types of electronic devices, flippers, goggles, and eye wear are not allowed on diving boards.


I have more questions or would like to provide feedback. Who can I contact?

To contact a Board member, please use this form.


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