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Frequently Asked Questions

Food and Beverages

Can I order pizza delivery at the pool?
Yes! This is a very popular way to enjoy evenings at the pool. There is a phone for use by the members in the office. If you order pizza, please watch out for your delivery-person so they don’t have to search for you on the lawns.

Are the grills available for members’ use?
Yes, the grills are available to all members. Utensils are available on each grill or feel free to bring your own. Please operate with safety in mind. When finished, turn all propane off, clean/scrape grill, and thoroughly clean any Club utensils for use by the next member.

Is alcohol permitted?
Yes, alcoholic beverages are permitted per GMSC rules. No glass bottles, drink in moderation, 21+, recycle and clean up after yourself. GMSC Board and Staff reserve the right to refuse this option at any time, to any members not following the rules and is not responsible.

Family Information

Can I have a birthday or team party for my child at the pool?
Please complete the Member Agreement to schedule parties in advance. We try to accommodate all requests and require advance notice if you plan to bring in more than 8 guests. Parties can be held in the shelter near the grills or on the lawn under the trees. All events require a $25 deposit.

Are there any job opportunities for my child?
Interested parties should view the Staff – Lifeguards and Snack Shack Attendants pages (when available) for further information. Hiring is typically conducted in the spring, so get your applications in early!

Can I leave my child at the pool without adult supervision?
While we strive for a safe, family-oriented environment, accidents can and will happen, therefore adult (or older sibling) supervision is always preferable.
Children who are 6 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult (18 years of age and older) at all times.
Children who are 7 to 9 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by someone who is at least 13 year of age at all times.
Children between 10 and 12 years of age may be left unattended by an adult provided:
Parents or guardians must sign the GMSC Minor Content Form found on the Join or Renew page and provide it to the front desk for approval.
The child has demonstrated the ability to swim one length of the pool and tread water for at least 90 seconds as approved by a lifeguard or manager (i.e. signed on the release form).
Children 12 years of age and over are permitted to be left unattended.
Parents will be notified any time a child is asked to leave the pool for improper behavior.
It is extremely important that all parents, whether they stay with their children or leave them unattended at the pool, keep their member card updated with current emergency information where either they, or a trusted friend or relative can be reached immediately.

Should I use swim diapers or rubber pants for my child in the pools?
We ask that all diaper-age (not toilet trained) children use commercial swim diapers when in the baby pool or large pool.

Am I responsible to make sure my child doesn’t litter?
Yes, please watch over your children to make sure they don’t litter. We all need to be responsible for keeping the grounds and facilities clean. We are especially concerned about litter in the bath house and in the volleyball pit. Please encourage your children to be good citizens of the pool. Dispose of litter in trash cans and use the recycling bin for all aluminum cans.

Our Pool

What if I see behavior I don’t like?
If you see another pool member doing something you find unsafe or undesirable, bring it to the attention of the Manager or Assistant Manager on duty. One of them will address the situation immediately. The child is benched next to the lifeguard. IT is up to the lifeguard how long the child is in time out. We cannot quantify the time. We need to leave that up to the lifeguard to make that judgement.If you want to discuss discipline issues in more detail, please contact the pool Manager or any Club Officer or Board Member with your concerns.

Why does the pool open late or close early on days of home swim meets?
Swim team meets for The Gators are scheduled throughout the summer at our pool and other area swim club pools, and are generally held on Saturday mornings from 6 am to 12 pm or evenings starting around 5:30 pm. The pool is closed to all other members whenever GMSC is hosting a swim meet (on average five times per summer). Please refer to the Pool Hours page for specific dates when we open late or close early. Please note that the baby pool is closed during all swim meets as well.


What are parking options at GMSC?
In addition to the paved parking areas directly in front of the Club, GMSC has also designated the open space to the northwest of the pool area just off Van Gordon (owned by GMSC) as additional parking for home meets and other busy days. Please DO NOT park in the gas station or the little strip mall across the street as they have been known to tow those cars.

What is “bonded” membership?
Green Mountain Swim Club no longer requires members to be bonded. Simply complete the membership application and pay your annual dues to join.

What are my annual dues used for?
Members annual dues are used to pay for the operating expenses of the pool, which include staff payroll, utilities, insurance, equipment maintenance, grounds maintenance, pool chemicals and capital improvements. All of our members are entitled to review GMSC’s budget and financial statements at any time. Please contact the Treasurer for more information.

What is the maximum number of families that can join the pool?
GMSC was originally designed to limit membership to a specific number of families that would be large enough to support the pool financially, yet small enough to preserve the quiet family atmosphere. Currently, GMSC’s bylaws limit the number of available memberships to 350.

Can anyone attend a Board Meeting?
All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend the Board Meetings. 

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